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Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? SAW Cabinets is your cabinet solution! Our expert team has years of experience in the building trades and can help coordinate your entire cabinet project. No matter your location in Florida, we have trucks delivering throughout the entire State! 

We can make design recommendations to ensure that your dream kitchen or bathroom will fit within your space limitations, within your budget and we’ll make sure it all goes together as planned.
Are you a contractor looking for an affordable cabinet solution, without sacrificing quality? We will not be beaten on quality, price or service! All our cabinets are in-stock in our warehouse and ready to ship. Our turnaround times on cabinet deliveries direct to you are unrivaled, no matter the size of your project. Call us today at: (904) 786-4382

About Us

At Southern All Wood Cabinets, our company beliefs are simple:
We provide affordable, highly-customizable, quality wood cabinetry with same-day availability.
Our cabinetry is not only functional, but also stylish. Cabinetry that is reliable and durable enough for our families. Cabinetry that we use in our own homes every day.
Southern All Wood Cabinets features solid all wood construction, superior hardware, and durable paints and finishes. 






Our Vail Cabinets – Before & After

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Great bunch of guys. Extremely helpful and friendly. Great prices too. I’ll be a long time customer!”

“Friendly and easy to talk to, few offer their selection of wood to the public.”

“Top quality products; helpful staff office and warehouse”

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